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'China's nuclear arsenal is growing faster than expected'

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China's nuclear arsenal
A report from the Pentagon was presented to the US Congress on Wednesday. Which has caused a stir in Congress. According to the report, China has increased its nuclear arsenal much faster than the United States thought. The number of nuclear weapons will increase to one thousand, the report said.

The news was reported by Deutsche Welle.

China has recently tested a missile. This missile can orbit the whole world. After that, the United States expressed its fears.

The Pentagon claims that China is developing nuclear weapons. And by 2030, the Pentagon expects the number of these weapons to reach 1,000. No one but the United States and Russia has so many nuclear weapons. The Pentagon estimates that China is rapidly building nuclear-powered ballistic missiles.

The Pentagon believes China could have nuclear weapons, such as water, land, and air. So far, only the United States and Russia have these weapons. Not only that, China's nuclear arsenal now includes intercontinental or nuclear weapons from one continent to another.

The Pentagon says China is building at least three new "field" missiles. In these fields, it is possible to launch intercontinental nuclear weapons from deep-ground installations.

Pentagon says China is not building nuclear power to attack anyone. They want to compete with the United States and Russia in the test of strength. And they want to keep up the pressure on their opponents, including strengthening their position in the balance of power. China is sending a message that they can attack with equal force if necessary.

In the Asia-Pacific region, China has been gaining strength for several years. The Pentagon says China's military wants to test the United States by increasing its power in water, land, air, space, and technology.

China's relations with former US President Donald Trump have soured over China's military build-up. Relations have not improved since Joe Biden came to power.

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