Printed on Mon Sep 26 2022 8:18:42 PM

Decision to cancel 10 coal based power projects

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coal based power projects
The government has decided to cancel 10 coal-based power projects under construction in different parts of the country.

State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid told a press conference at the Secretariat on Sunday that the government had decided to cancel the coal-based power projects.

The state minister said the decision was taken as production could not come on time.

The canceled projects are: Patuakhali two coal based power projects with a capacity of 1,320 (660 + 660) MW, North Bengal 1,200 MW thermal power project, Mawa 522 MW coal based power project, Dhaka 282 MW coal fired power plant, Chattttogram 2 MW power plant , Khulna 565 MW coal-fired power plant, Maheshkhali 1,320 MW coal-fired power project, Maheshkhali 1,320 MW coal-fired power plant, Bangladesh-Singapore 700 MW ultrasuper coal-fired power plant and SIP.

The state minister further said, "Future plans are being made based on the amount of electricity required in a region in the future.The amount of power plants we have and the amount we will get in the future shows that we will have about 13,000 MW of power plants in surplus by 2041."

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