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'There is no danger of damage on the coast of Bangladesh'

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coast of Bangladesh
Cyclone Yaas is now heading towards Orissa, so there is no need to raise the signal for the time being, said deputy State Minister for Disaster Management and Relief Md. Enamur Rahman.

He made the remarks at a press conference at the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief at the Secretariat on Monday,May 24.

"The depression turned into a cyclone at 8 am. It still hasn't been that strong. It is located 500 km from the coast of Orissa and 605 km from the coast of Bangladesh."

Pointing out the direction of the cyclone directly towards Orissa in the north-western part, the state minister said, "If this direction remains the same, we hope that there will be no impact of coastal damage in Bangladesh. The outbreak of the cyclone will not hit Bangladesh in that way. Clouds and storms may blow over Bangladesh."

"Everything is under strict surveillance," he said, adding that he would keep an eye on it until it moved away from the coast. If for some reason it changes direction and comes to the north and north-west, then we can bring people to the shelter. The shelters have been prepared. Everyone from volunteers and field administration has been warned about this. As soon as they get the danger signal, they can go to the shelter.

The state minister said, "Inshallah, if the way Allah has shown mercy to our Bangladesh continues. We will monitor every 4 or 6 hours. Then if the speed increases further then we will be able to report hour by hour."

He added that the current situation has given the number 2 warning signal. In this situation, there will be no need to increase for Bangladesh.

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