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Task force formation on commodity price control

Staff Correspondent
commodity price control
A formation of the high-level task force on commodity price control The Taskforce formation on commodity price control Ministry has formed headed by Tapan Kanti Ghosh, Senior Secretary, Ministry of Commerce to control commodity prices. Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi will act as an advisor to the committee.

The formation of the task force was announced in a notification of the Commerce Ministry on Sunday. The 17-member panel will monitor the market situation of essential commodities. At the same time, they will recommend the government to reduce the prices of essential commodities in the domestic market.

The members of the committee: Minister of Commerce, Chairman of National Board of Revenue, Senior Secretary of Public Security Department of Home Ministry, Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture, Secretary of Ministry of Food, Secretary of Ministry of Industries, Secretary of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Chairman of Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission, Chairperson of Bangladesh Competition Commission, National Consumer Rights, Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Director General, DGFI, Director General, NSI, Chairman, Trading Corporation of Bangladesh, FBCCI President, Joint Secretary (IIT-2), Ministry of Commerce.

The notification said, to provide necessary guidance to the concerned ministry / department / institution on the next steps to be taken in controlling commodity prices and market situation; Collection of information on demand for essential commodities and international market prices and imports; Collecting information from the Commodity Price Review and Forecasting Cell and taking necessary action in case of price increase or volatile situation in the supply chain of any product; Supervise overall activities from production, refinement, and import to local sales and provide necessary guidance; Taking action to keep the supply chain of daily commodities stable.
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