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Things you should avoid at beginning of your conjugal life

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In many cases, the situation depends on what the couple will talk about and what they will avoid after marriage. However, it is better to avoid some issues in the first night's conversation. Otherwise, the beautiful time may be filled with sadness instead of happiness.

They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. So it is better to avoid these things on the wedding night. Remember, this is not a good night to talk. Try to understand what he/she prefers first. For the purpose of love, he/she changed the bad habits little by little.

What they should do for a loving world can be discussed from their respective contexts. But if one starts such a discussion and the other does not show interest, then one has to keep quiet. Because, the other person is hoping to get a better time from you, give importance to one another.

You must be careful when it comes to your likes and dislikes. When talking about these things, make sure that it would not offensive or annoying to your partner. Like you might say ‘I don’t like the blue color at all. It’s like wearing a school dress or a surgery dress. ’But to the person sitting next to you, blue may mean open sky. The color of love. But in the beginning, if you described the color in a negative way, your partner did not have the courage to speak out his/her thought or point of view. Maybe he/she will hide his/her take heed. Even if your partner go to buy blue clothes, he/she will remember these things. So these things can not be said on the wedding night.

Wedding nights are not always the best time to tell your partner about a secret. Maybe you have a secret aspect, it revealed later. It can ruin the relationship, it is better to discuss it before marriage.

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