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Schedule of last eight of Copa America

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Copa America
The first round of the current Copa America is over. This time waiting for the fight of the quarter finals. Chile will face host Brazil in the last eight. On the other hand, Argentina will face against Ecuador, both are the group champion in their group.

The last round match of the group stage ended on Tuesday. In the last round match, Argentina won 4-1 against Bolivia. In another match of the day, Uruguay, the most successful team in the Copa America, won 1-0 against Paraguay.

Argentina are the best in Group A with three wins in four matches and 10 points in one draw. The two-time world champions will face against Ecuador in the fourth quarter final on Sunday. Colombia, who finished third in Group B, will face Uruguay in the third quarter-final on the same day.

Brazil are the best in Group B with three wins in four matches and 10 points in one draw. They will face Chile next Saturday.

Paraguay, runners-up in Group A, will face Group B runners-up Peru in another quarter-final on the same day on Saturday.

Date              Bangladesh time                              Match venue

03/07/21          3 am Peru-Paraguay                    Olimpico, Goiania

03/07/21          6 am Brazil-Chile                       Estádio Nilton Santos,Rio de Janeiro

04/07/21          4 am Uruguay-Colombia           Mané Garrincha,Brasília

04/07/21          7 am Argentina-Ecuador                Olimpico, Goiania

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