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Brazil off to flying start in the Copa America

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Copa America Brazil
Brazil superstar Neymar was seen on the stage of Copa America as well as in the World Cup qualifiers. He scored the goal himself. He scored two goals with his teammates. Five-time world champions Brazil got off to a flying start in the Copa America with a win over Venezuela.

Brazil beat Venezuela 3-0 in the opening match of the Copa America held at 3 am Bangladesh time on Monday. Neymar, Marquinhos and Gabriel Barbosa scored for the team.

Brasilia means Garenca is dominated by Celesaora throughout the match.

Due to Corona, Venezuela did not have nine players in the main team. Holding the ball 62 percent of the time, Brazil took shots 18 times. Seven of which were untargeted shots.

Venezuela, on the other hand, took just three shots, of which only one was on target.

Brazil went ahead in the 23rd minute of the match. Marquinhos got the ball in front of the goal line from Neymar's corner. He then found the address avoiding the obstruction of the opponent's defenders. After two minutes, send the ball again. However, Venezuela survived because he was offside.

Neymar scored after the break. In the 64th minute, Danilo was fouled by Johan Kumana and Brazil got a penalty. Neymar doubled the lead on a successful spot kick from the penalty spot. Neymar has scored in three consecutive matches in international football.

Barbosa made the score line 3-0 at the end.

However, Neymar also contributed to this goal.

In the 83rd minute, the PSG star got into the D-box with the ball with great dribbling. He also took a shot with a nearby post, but the ball went out for a while after hitting one of the legs. Neymar entered the opponent's D-box and cut back from the byline. From there, Barbosa sent the ball into the net with his chest.

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