Printed on Sat Jan 16 2021 6:11:25 PM

Beximco may launch Corona vaccine of Oxford in February

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Corona vaccine of Oxford
Beximco may start marketing the Oxford-AstraZeneca Corona vaccine privately from next month, i.e. February. This has been reported in the special report of the news agency Reuters. Rabbur Reza, chief operating officer (COO) of Beximco Pharma, told that the company was buying 5 million dose vaccines from the Serum Institute for about 4 USD per dose, which they would give to the Bangladesh government. The vaccines will be available by the middle of this year. The Seram Institute will provide vaccine doses for sale to the government and individuals later this month.

According to Reuters, Beximco will buy 3 million doses of the vaccine from the Seram Institute of India for about 8 USD per dose for sale in the market. These will be sold in the country's market for 13.27 dollars or one thousand 125 taka, the only supplier of AstraZeneca vaccine in Bangladesh.

Seram Institute, has sold vaccines to the Indian government for less than 3 USD. The company is producing Corona vaccine in India from Oxford University and AstraZeneca.

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