Printed on Thu Jun 30 2022 3:51:43 PM

Coronavirus killed another 9,000 worldwide

Staff Correspondent
The coronavirus claimed another 9,000 lives worldwide in 24 hours. About 5 lakh new infections have been identified. With this, the number of deaths due to the epidemic has exceeded 17 lakh 8 thousand throughout the year. More than 8 crore 16 lakh people were infected.

A total of 343,000 people were killed in the United States on Monday, with 1,800 deaths. 1 crore 97 lakh infected. The second highest number of deaths was in Germany. In Brazil, where 500 deaths a day are seen, the total death toll is around 1 lakh 97 thousand. The daily death toll in Russia was close to 500. On an average, more than 400 daily deaths were recorded in Italy and France.

In the UK, a record number of 41,000 people were found in one day; Which is by far the highest in the country. The total death toll in the three and a half deaths is more than 71,000. Although the daily death toll is declining, the death toll from the virus in India has surpassed 1 lakh 48 thousand. In Mexico, the number is about 1 lakh 23 thousand.

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