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U.S. cost of Afghan war is 29 crore dollar a day

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cost of Afghan war
The United States has spent about 2 lakh 11 thousand 700 crores US dollar in 7,300 days on war efforts and nation-building projects in Afghanistan. That means the country has spent an average of 29 crore dollars there every day.

A report from Brown University also reveals how the United States spent at least 2 lakh crore US dollars on the 20-year war. Basically, the country has come out of this cost through the withdrawal of troops.

This information is given in the report published from the Costs of War project of Brown University. Which has been the headline of the dominant news media in the United States.

According to the report, this money from the United States has helped to create a small group of young, very rich people. These Afghans have served as interpreters for US forces. In return, many have become millionaires. Those involved in the deal became embroiled in widespread corruption. Which engulfs the whole of Afghanistan. Democracy collapsed in this.

The report quoted CNBC as saying that the effort was aimed at rebuilding Afghanistan. Despite spending so much money, restructuring, it took only nine days for the Taliban to capture every provincial capital. They have abolished the army. Overthrew the US-backed government.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Cigar, also known as the Pentagon Watchdog, Ryan Crocker, a two-time US ambassador to Afghanistan, blamed US failure for post-9/11 corruption.

“You know our efforts were a failure,” Ryan Crocker said. This failure is not for the rebels. It was a limitless corruption.
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