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At least 52 dead, 22 injured in COVID-19 hospital fire in Iraq

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COVID-19 hospital fire in Iraq
At least 52 people have been killed in a fire at a hospital in the Covid isolation ward of Iraq. This is the second such fire in the last three months. The blaze broke out Monday night at Al Hussein Hospital in the southern city of Nasiriyah. However, the Civil Defense Unit has already been able to bring the fire under control.

A medical source told AFP that the fire had been caused by an explosion in an oxygen tank. Haider al-Jamili, a spokesman for the local health authority, confirmed on Tuesday morning that 52 bodies had been recovered so far.

He said 22 more people were injured in the blaze at the Covid Isolation Ward. The official added that most of the dead were burnt to death. The search operation is still going on in this incident. The Covid Isolation Ward had 70 beds.

Several health sources told Reuters the death toll could rise further as many patients are still missing. It was also confirmed that two health workers were among the dead.

Nasiriyah health officials say a search operation is underway. However, due to the smoke of the fire, it is not possible to enter several wards. Relatives of the patients and residents of the city rushed to the spot immediately after the fire broke out.

People were first rescued and placed on the street in front of the hospital. It is learned that the manager of the hospital has already resigned in this incident.

Angry relatives of the patients clashed with police. An eyewitness told they had set fire to two police vehicles.

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