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Criticism of the Prophet: BJP in both crises for Nupur's speech

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The BJP is now in a crisis by punishing two senior leaders of India's ruling BJP, spokespersons Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal, for making controversial remarks about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Top BJP leaders understand the anger of the party's grassroots workers as the party withdrew from Nupur's side after the controversial remarks.

They are feeling the flames of that anger from various social media. BJP activists and Hindutva organizations have openly voiced their support for Nupur. They claim that what Nupur has done is for the team. However, she was suspended when she "needed support" from the team. And when this is the case, the workers will come on the field in the future with some confidence or open their mouths, is also the answer many wants.

However, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi or Home Minister Amit Shah has nothing to do now even though he understands the anger of the workers. This is because the BJP leadership has not been able to take the path of appeasing the grassroots activists in the way India has burned its face in the anklet comment at the international level.

The BJP is also cautious so that the situation does not become murky. The ruling party has also warned leaders of the party who have been accused of spreading hate speech or hate speech in the past.

Nupur Sharma, a former spokeswoman for India's hardline Hindutva political party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), made controversial remarks about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) while appearing on television show. Later, Naveen Jindal, media chief of the party's New Delhi branch, also tweeted in support of Nupur Sharma's remarks.

Their comments have angered the country's Muslim minority. Even Muslims in several Indian states staged sporadic protests over the accused's remarks. And its remnants spread beyond the borders of India to the outside world.

However, after that the BJP sat motionlessly. Considering the situation, the BJP on Sunday sacked accused Nupur Sharma and expelled Jindal. Even later, the two BJP leaders publicly issued a statement apologizing.

But even then, India has come under increasing fire and anger from the Muslim world over the controversial remarks made by two senior BJP leaders. At least 15 countries in the world, including influential countries in the Middle East, have so far spoken out against India. These countries have condemned the governments of India and the BJP and called on the country to publicly apologize.

At least 15 countries, including Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Afghanistan, Bahrain,  Maldives, Libya and Indonesia, have formally protested against India over its controversial remarks about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

At the same time, these countries have condemned as well as rejected the insult of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and demanded a public apology from the Government of India.

After the sacking of Nupur Sharma and the expulsion of Jindal for his controversial remarks, the top leadership of the BJP was embarrassed as grassroots activists of the party were openly vocal against the party's decision. Regarding the party's decision, Abhishek Dubey, leader of the IT wing of the BJP Youth Front, tweeted, "I personally do not support insulting any religion or religious leader." Because everyone has different beliefs. '

The BJP leadership understands that a large section of grassroots activists did not take the punishment of Nupur-Naveen in a 'good way'. They think the party has betrayed the two spokespersons. The two spokespersons, who were under attack, were pushed into a more difficult situation by punishing them when the team should have been hiding.

A BJP worker in Bihar asked, "Whom will I trust next?" What good is a website if it simply "blends in" with everything else out there? "

On the other hand, part of the BJP thinks that a boundary needs to be drawn somewhere. So that it is possible to give a strong message to the party workers. The party has given the message to the party workers to stay within the boundaries by punishing Nupur-Naveen. Police have also arrested a local BJP youth wing activist in Kanpur for allegedly inciting violence over Nupur Sharma's remarks.

Apart from punishing Nupur-Naveen, the BJP has compiled a list of 26 people against whom allegations of violent speech have been made. Ananta Kumar Hegde, Pratap Sinha, Mahesh Sharma, Binoy Katiyar, Sakshi Maharaj, Giriraj Singh and Sangeet Som are on the list.

For the time being, the BJP has banned those leaders from making any controversial remarks.

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