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Cryptocurrency of 100 million dollar hacked

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Cryptocurrency hacked
This time the hackers have hacked the cryptocurrency of one hundred million dollars in Japan. The BBC quoted Liquid, the country's leading digital currency exchange, as saying.

This is the second largest hacking incident in the history of digital currency. Liquid later tweeted that it was "regrettable" that Liquid's global wallet had been hacked.

Six hundred million dollars were lost last week from the digital currency platform Poly Network. It is known that the hackers attacked the poly network and removed the cryptocurrency worth six hundred million dollars. The hackers hacked a total of 193 million pounds of Ethereum. At the same time, they removed 182 million pounds of binary coins and 61.5 million pounds of USDC coins.

Although Mr. A hacker named White Hat later returned 427. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture. He just wanted to imply that its storage capacity is so weak that it can be hacked if desired.

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