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Terrible cyber attack in Iran, gas crisis across country

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cyber attack in Iran
In the face of a horrific cyber attack, various gas stations in Iran have been shut down, affecting oil supplies. The country's officials said on Tuesday.

Turkish media quoted Yeni Şafak as saying that no group had yet claimed responsibility for the attack. However, the attack has raised concerns about the fuel oil crisis across Iran.

Meanwhile, Iran's oil ministry told that it had called an emergency meeting to resolve the crisis. The meeting will focus on exactly why Iran's gas stations have been shut down.

In Iran, a type of smart card is used to receive government-subsidized fuel. The cyberattack is aimed at the software that is used to use the smart card. As a result, the administration has been forced to close gas stations across the country, including in the capital, Tehran.

Iranian Interior Minister Ahmed Wahedi has called on his countrymen to remain calm without fear. In a statement, he said there were "no plans to raise fuel prices" and urged people not to worry.

He added that the supply of fuel was being disrupted due to technical glitches and it would be fixed soon.

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