Printed on Wed Jul 06 2022 12:53:37 AM

Ferry service resume at Daulatdia-Paturia

Staff Correspondent
After being closed for 6 hours in dense fog, ferry service on the Daulatdia-Paturia route has returned to normal. The Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) authorities said that the ferry service resumed at around 10 am on Monday,February 01.

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) Aricha Deputy General Manager (Commerce Department) Zillar Rahman said the fog density in the Padma River on the Daulatdia-Paturia route has been increasing since midnight.

At around 3:30 am on monday, three ferries got stuck in the middle river due to fog. At around 4 pm, 17 ferries plying on this route were stopped to avoid accidents. The ferry service resumed around 10 am on Monday when the fog thickened.

Hundreds of vehicles are awaiting on both sides of the ferry terminal as the ferry service is closed for 6 hours.

Daulatdia ferry manager Abu Abdullah Roni said a ferry named Birshreshtha Jahangir has been added to the Daulatdia-Paturia route. At present there are 17 ferries plying in this route.

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