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Who spread the deadly coronavirus!

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deadly coronavirus
Who spread the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19) worldwide - the United States, China or Britain? Did it actually enter the human body from the body of an animal, or was it intentionally spread from a germ weapons laboratory? Such questions revolve around the minds of conscious citizens.

As the infection spreads, so do the various conspiracy theories. Coronavirus conspiracy theories have spread inside America as well.

Former US President Trump himself has said in multiple places that the corona virus is the creation of China. In a similar vein, the country's current president, Joe Biden, has instructed his detectives to unravel the mystery of the virus and its origins within three months.

Not only are these conspiracy theories spreading on social media, but some mainstream media in some countries are also spreading these theories.

A survey of China's corona virus by Harvard University in the United States has revealed that China is hiding information. The corona virus was caught in August 2019.

Researchers at the University of Kent in the UK recently said that the corona virus started spreading in China in October 2019.

Meanwhile, the arrow of suspicion from inside China and Iran is towards the United States. There is a lot of writing on social media in the countries about this.

Corona originates in China. In the last 24 hours, 21 people have been identified as infected in the country, according to the statistics-based website WorldoMeters.

In addition, there have been no deaths from the virus in China since January 28. So far 91,753 people have been identified in the country. Of these, 4,636 died. On the other hand, 86,655 people have recovered. It can be said that China is not free now. Or Corona is not deadly in the country now.

According to the WorldoMeters, 18 crore 20 lakh 53 thousand 509 people have been infected with this deadly virus in the world so far. Of these, 39 lakh 42 thousand 289 people have died. 16 crore 65 lakh 55 thousand 244 people have already recovered.

The United States has so far topped the list of corona infections and deaths. The number of victims in the country so far is 3 crore 44 lakh 95 thousand 221 people. Of these, 6 lakh 19 thousand 438 people died. On the other hand, 2 crore 89 lakh 27 thousand 554 people have recovered.

India is in the second position in the list. The number of victims in the country so far is 3 crore 3 lakh 15 thousand 910. Of these, 3 lakh 97 thousand 668 people have died. 2 crore 93 lakh 59 thousand 14 people have recovered.

In Brazil, which is in the third position, the number of infected people so far is 1 crore 84 lakh 20 thousand 598 people. Of these, 5 lakh 13 thousand 544 people died. Brazil has the second highest number of deaths after the United States. However, 1 crore 66 lakh 13 thousand 992 people have recovered in the country so far.

It is followed by France, Russia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Italy, Colombia, Spain, Germany, Iran, Poland, Mexico, Ukraine, Indonesia, Peru and South Africa.

Bangladesh ranked in the list is now 30. The rate of infection in the country has been increasing at an alarming rate over the last few weeks. So far, 8 lakh 96 thousand 670 people have been identified as infected in the country. Of these, 14,276 people died. Eight lakh seven thousand 673 people have recovered from this virus.

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