Printed on Wed Aug 10 2022 5:39:46 PM

'Dealing with Putin like negotiating with a crocodile'

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Dealing with Putin
The UK's prime minister has recommended conversations with Russia to end the war are likely to fail.

Boris Johnson expressed that dealing with Russia's President Putin was like bargaining with a "crocodile when it's got your leg in its jaws".

Speaking to reporters while on a flight to India, the UK PM suggested Putin may only look to negotiate if he had gained a position of strength in Ukraine. But he warned that the Russian leader might then look to launch a fresh assault on the capital Kyiv.

With respect to the Ukrainian side, Johnson thought President Zelensky wanted to see Russian forces ousted from eastern Ukraine. However, he figured Zelensky would consider talking regarding Crimea - a peninsula that was annexed by Russian forces on 2014.

Regardless, he said it was up to the people to decide on their future.

"Nothing ought to be decided about Ukraine without Ukraine," he said
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