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Deaths are on the rise in villages with corona symptoms

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Many people in Bangladesh are dying of corona symptoms at the village level. Although the death toll has risen, it is not rising in the official statistics of Corona due to lack of tests. That is why the people of the village are not able to anticipate the situation, experts say

Batul Biswas, a resident of Kuatpur village in Shalikha upazila of Magura district Age 55. He died at his home on July 20, the day before Eid. He was taken to hospital with various symptoms of corona including shortness of breath, fever and cough before his death. The villagers say, "Everyone gets fever and cough during the rainy season. That's the decent thing."

Not only Batul Biswas, many people in rural areas are dying with the symptoms of corona. The death toll from such symptoms has risen in rural areas in recent weeks, officials said.

However, their names are not appearing in the death list in Corona. Only those who died of corona-positive deaths at the hospital are being recorded as corona deaths.

Magura District Civil Surgeon Dr. Shahidullah Dewan told: "In the last 23 days, about 20 people have died in Magura with corona symptoms. And 12 people died due to the attack. Which is less than any other district."

If you want to know whether the names of those who are dying in the village with such symptoms are coming in the list Dewan said, "No, the names of those who are coming to the hospital are on the list. In the last three to four weeks, most of those who came to the hospital had their oxygen levels dropped to 30-35. As a result, they are not going to be saved even with fast oxygen. In addition, where the vaccination rate is one per cent across the country, 5 per cent people have been vaccinated in Magura.

In the 23 days of this month, the number of corona cases and deaths has surpassed the previous record of 6 months. According to the government, in the last 23 days, 2,56,198 people have been infected by Corona. And the coronavirus has killed 4,346 people. The official death toll is alarming.

Apart from this, the number of deaths due to corona symptoms is increasing at an alarming rate across the country. And the number of deaths is highest in villages.

The Bangladesh Peace Observatory, run by Dhaka University, lists people across the country who have died of corona. This month's list has not been completed yet, the organization said. As a result, it is not possible to say the exact number at the moment, but the death toll from the symptoms is rising alarmingly, they said. The death toll from the symptoms could double this month compared to last month.

Most of the victims in the village are not interested in testing the samples. But it's not just the lack of interest. It is learned that there is no corona system in all areas. That is why many people are doing treatment at home. Those who have a good immune system may recover after a while. There are also reports of deaths due to cold, cough, fever, shortness of breath etc.

Director General of the Department of Health, Prof. Abul Basar's Mohammad Khurshid Alam told: "Even if there are symptoms, the villagers do not want to be tested. I myself went to the village house on the day of Eid and saw that the fear of the people has decreased a lot. They are not interested in following the hygiene rules. A committee comprising public representatives, health workers and dignitaries has been formed at the initiative of the cabinet department to make the villagers aware about corona. This committee has been formed before Eid. If symptoms occur, the committee will assist in receiving treatment, staying at home, and keeping them in isolation. In a day or two, steps will be taken to make this committee effective again."

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