Printed on Sun Jul 03 2022 7:47:02 AM

Imran Khan Decides to resign from National Assembly

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Decision of Imran Khan
Former prime minister Imran Khan has reportedly decided to tender his resignation as a member of the National Assembly ahead of the election for the new prime minister of Pakistan.

The decision was reportedly made during the PTI's parliamentary party meeting.

Sources privy to the matter quoted Khan as saying: "We will not sit in this Assembly under any circumstances."

He said that PTI will not sit in the Assembly with the people who have robbed Pakistan and who have been "imported by foreign forces".

"We have made this decision to keep the institutions under pressure who want this government to run the country. We will not let them continue."

However, sources said that most of the parliamentary party members opposed Khan's decision to tender resignations, and instead, advised that they should not leave the field empty and face the Opposition strongly at every front.

At this, Khan said if none of the parliamentarians resign, he "will be the first member to resign from the assembly.”

After this, all the members consented to the decision, saying that Khan has the authority to order them to resign.
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