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1 injured in Delhi court blast

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Delhi court blast
A man has been injured in an explosion from an abandoned bag at a courthouse in Delhi, India. The court hearing was stopped immediately after the incident.

The incident occurred on Thursday, December 09 at 10:40 a.m. Panic spread in the court premises due to the sudden explosion. The hearing was stopped.

It was later learned that a policeman was injured in the blast. He was taken to hospital.

Earlier, on September 24, gangsters carried out an unprecedented attack inside a court in Delhi, India. Three people were killed. Several others were injured. The attack took place inside the Rohini courtroom in north Delhi.

Later, the Delhi Police Commissioner said that Jitender Mann Gogi, a notorious gangster accused in several cases, was shot dead by the attackers. He was kept in Tihar Jail after his arrest last April. He was produced in court that day. When he was taken to court, another terrorist group carried out the attack. Two terrorists were also killed in the police retaliatory fire.

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