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Delta variant sweeps in Asia

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Delta variant
Not only in India, but in many countries of the world, panic is spreading now. This type of corona is also known as Indian type as it was first identified in India. However, in the last few days, the number of infections in India has started to decrease but the number of infections in other Asian countries has started increasing at an alarming rate. The speed of transmission is thought to be increasing due to the Delta variant.

Vaccination activities are very slow in most countries except a few in Asia. That's why the panic over the Delta variant is growing. The way the Delta variant is spreading, this highly contagious type of coronavirus could spread around the world in the next few months. This variant has already been found in about 100 countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already expressed concern over the potential for rapid transmission.

So far, 96 countries in the world have Delta variants, but the actual number is expected to be above 100. Because many countries do not have the infrastructure needed to identify the type of virus. As a result, the real numbers are not coming to the fore.

Delta variant is by far the most contagious variant of the coronavirus, said Tedros Adhanam Ghebriosus, head of the World Health Organization. This highly contagious variant of corona is spreading rapidly in areas where vaccination rates are low.

India's neighbors Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have been on the rise since May. This type of corona is doing very well in Nepal. The local health system is under pressure as infections continue to rise.

Afghanistan has the highest number of infections this month. The country's health minister, Wajid Majrooh, said the capital, Kabul, was 80 percent infected. He blamed the Delta variant for this.

According to the World Health Organization, infections have recently increased in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand and Mongolia. Infections in Bangladesh have been on the rise since mid-May due to several areas bordering India.

According to government estimates from May 25 to June 07, 68 percent of the cases identified in the capital Dhaka are delta variants. Strict lockdown has therefore been imposed across the country to curb the pace of infection.

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