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Demonstrations in Netherlands in protest of lockdown, shot 2

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Demonstrations in Netherlands
The Dutch government has imposed a three-week lockdown in the Netherlands and increased restrictions on coronavirus infections and deaths. At the same time, it has been made compulsory to travel with the vaccine pass in case of emergency. The New Year celebrations have been canceled. People have taken to the streets to protest the government's decision.

Hundreds of people marched in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on Friday, November 19 local time. When the police obstructed the procession, it turned into violence. Protesters set fire to police vehicles and attacked several installations.

At least two people were shot. Water cannons were also used to quell the protests.

A Rotterdam police spokesman told Reuters the protesters had turned violent. There were fears of civilian casualties. Police opened fire to control the situation. Two people were injured.

Coronavirus infections are on the rise again in European countries, according to the BBC. Infections are on the rise in many countries, including Germany and Austria. Austria has announced a lockdown.

The German chancellor described the situation as "dramatic". Many call it the "fourth wave" of corona as the sudden increase in infection again. European countries are already taking various steps to prevent the infection.

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