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Dhaka University is celebrating its centenary

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Dhaka University
Today, in the midst of a severe shutdown on July 1, Dhaka University is the first and oldest university in Bangladesh, are celebrating their centenary on a student-less campus. Today marks the 101st year of this institution.

Although there is a grand plan to celebrate the centenary with all concerned including students and teachers, due to the Corona pandemic, the day will be celebrated virtually. However, the institution has planned to celebrate the centenary in the presence of the Chancellor President Md. Abdul Hamid  in November. An online virtual discussion meeting will be held on Thursday, July 1 to mark the centenary.

Dhaka University officially started its journey on 1 July 1921. It is the first university in the region to start its journey with only three faculties, 12 departments and 847 students. This day of establishment is being celebrated every year as Dhaka University Day.

However, the history of the establishment of Dhaka University is like any other achievement of the Bengali nation.

After the Sepoy Mutiny of 1847, a kind of renaissance began to take place all over India. And this renaissance was created mainly by the educated society of this region. This educated society of the then East Bengal felt the need to establish a university. Lord Hardinge, then Viceroy of British India, announced the establishment of the University of Dhaka on 2 February 1912 to appease the angry Bengali Muslim community at their request and the declaration of the abolition of the Partition of Bengal. The 13-member Nathan Commission was formed on May 26 of that year. This commission gave a positive report on the establishment of a university in East Bengal in 1913. But due to the ongoing World War I, the establishment of the university came to a halt. However, when The Dhaka University Act-1920 was passed in the Indian Legislative Assembly on 13 March 1920, Dhaka University finally started its journey on 1 July 1921.

The great achievement of Dhaka University after its establishment was to create a middle class society. Which creates an independent, protestant and own way of thinking in the psyche of the people of this region. The students of this university responded to the call of the Muslim League in the Pakistan movement. When Muhammad Ali Jinnah declared Urdu to be the state language on the premises of Curzon Hall in 1948 after the annexation of Pakistan, the students of this university immediately protested against Jinnah's speech. The great mother tongue movement of 1952 was organized only because of the strong role of Dhaka University. And it is through this language movement that the Bengali nationalist movement has gained strength on the soil of Bangladesh.

Not only the language movement, Dhaka University has always played an important role in realizing the rights of Bengalis and in any humanitarian catastrophe. The University of Dhaka played an important role in the formation of Bangladesh through the language movement of 1952, the education movement of 1962, the Six Points of 1966, the mass uprising of 1969, the elections of 1970 and the Great War of Liberation in 1971.

The first flag of Bangladesh was hoisted on March 2, 1971 in the bosom of Dhaka University. During the war of liberation, all concerned including teachers and students of Dhaka University directly and indirectly participated in the war of liberation. Just as Dhaka University led the movement and struggle before independence, this university has led the important movement of the country even after independence. The anti-authoritarian movement of 1990 has played the most important role in enhancing the prestige of this university.

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