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Another 8,454 died in last 24 hours

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died in last 24 hours
In last 24 hours, another 5 lakh 12 thousand 144 people have been infected with this deadly virus. Another 8,454 people died in the same period. Infections and deaths have both increased within a day. One day ago there were four lakh 66 thousand 39 new infections. Seven thousand 439 people died at the same time.

According to the statistics-based website WorldoMeters, the total number of cases of corona in the world so far is 19 crore 95 lakh 92 thousand 898. Of these, 42 lakh 48 thousand 785 people died. However, 18 crore 82 thousand 300 people have already recovered.

So far, the United States has the highest number of corona infections and deaths in the world. So far, 3 crore 58 lakh 95 thousand 980 people have been infected by corona in the country. Of these, six lakh 29 thousand 862 people died. However, two crore 97 lakh 17 thousand 537 people have recovered.

India is in second place in terms of infection. So far, 3 crore 17 lakh 25 thousand 399 people have been infected by corona in the country. Of these, four lakh 25 thousand 228 people died. And already three crore eight lakh 88 thousand 702 people have recovered.

In third place is the Latin American country Brazil. However, the country is in the second position in terms of death. The death toll there so far stands at five lakh 57 thousand 359 people. The number of people infected by corona in the country so far is one crore 99 lakh 53 thousand 501. One crore 86 lakh 87 thousand 203 people have already recovered.

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