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39 lakh 62 thousand died in world

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died in world
The global pandemic coronavirus has spread all over the world. More than 39 lakh 62 thousand people have died in Corona so far. More than 18 crore 29 lakh people have been infected. The positive news is that more than 16 crore 75 lakh people have already recovered from Corona.

As of 8 am on Thursday, 39,62,377 people had died from the coronavirus, according to WorldoMeters, an international organization that keeps track of deaths and illnesses from the coronavirus worldwide. The virus has infected 18 crore 29 lakh 62 thousand 266 people in the world.

However, many people have recovered after being infected with corona. So far, 16 crore 75 lakh 43 thousand 659 people have recovered from the corona.

The deadly coronavirus, which originated from China in December 2019, has spread to 221 countries and regions of the world, including Bangladesh. The World Health Organization (WHO) later declared the coronavirus crisis an epidemic on March 11, 2020.

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