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40 lakh 26 thousand died in world

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died in world
So far 18 crore 63 lakh 34 thousand 119 people have been identified as infected with coronavirus in the world and 40 lakh 26 thousand 366 people have died. Among the victims, 17 crore four lakh 70 thousand 506 people have recovered and at present one crore 18 lakh 37 thousand 247 people are in the affected condition.

The recovery rate is 98 percent and the death rate is 2 percent. Around the world, 77,822 people are currently in critical condition and the rest are in stable condition.

The United States tops the list of countries infected by the Corona in the world. So far, 3 crore 46 lakh 76 thousand 896 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in that country and 6,22,213 people have died.

India, Brazil, France, Russia, Turkey, Britain, Argentina, Colombia and Italy are the second most affected countries in the world after the United States.

Three crore seven lakh 43 thousand 13 people have been identified as infected with coronavirus in India so far and four lakh five thousand 527 people have died.

In Brazil, which is next to India, a total of 1,89,62,786 people have been infected and 5,30,344 have died.

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