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'Drinking alcohol every day reduces the efficiency of brain'

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Drinking alcohol
Many people drink alcohol as a hobby. Some people have a habit of drinking alcohol.

Probably everyone knows more or less what kind of effect the body has due to drinking alcohol. However, a new study shows that if you drink a glass of alcohol every day, the function of the brain will be reduced.

New research on alcohol has come out in the journal Nature on Friday.

According to the study, people who drink three types of alcohol every day have a sharp decrease in the amount of white and gray substances from their bodies and their age has increased by three and a half years.

Although doctors have been saying that limited alcohol consumption is good for the heart and brain. But the findings of the new study raise questions.

However, most studies say that drinking alcohol is not good for health in any way. The World Heart Foundation says drinking more or less alcohol is never safe for health.

Doctors say that sometimes drinking a small amount of alcohol is beneficial for health. For example, patients with heart problems or diabetes are expected to drink small amounts of alcohol.

However, in other cases, drinking alcohol can cause problems. Such as road accidents, breast cancer, etc.

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