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Drizzle forecast in four divisions in country

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Drizzle forecast
There is a possibility of a drizzle in different parts of the country tomorrow Saturday. The Meteorological Department said this on Friday, December 14.

However, the sun can be seen in many parts of the country. Elsewhere, the weather will be dry throughout the day with partly cloudy weather.

The latest forecast by the Meteorological Department on Friday, January 14 morning said that moderate to heavy fog is likely to fall in and around the river basin of the country from midnight to tomorrow morning.

Elsewhere in the country, light to moderate fog may fall.

It has been cloudy and sunny in the sky of the capital since this morning.

Meteorologist Khandaker Hafizur Rahman said that this type of weather could continue for some days.

Hafizur Rahman said the sun may be seen in many parts of the country tomorrow. There may be cloudy weather in some places.

However, the whole glittering sky will be seen all over the country from the day after tomorrow, Sunday.

In the last 24 hours, the highest temperature in the country was 31.3 degrees Celsius in Chattogram. The lowest temperature was 9 degrees Celsius in Tentulia, Panchagarh.

The highest rainfall in the country was recorded at Srimangal at 0.2 degree Celsius yesterday.

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