Printed on Thu Oct 06 2022 7:25:51 PM

Drug sale-consume, 51 arrested in 38 cases

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Drug sale-consume
The Dhaka Metropolitan Police's (DMP) Crime and Intelligence Division has conducted anti-drug operations in different areas of the capital. During the operation, 51 people were arrested for selling and consuming drugs.

During the arrest, 23,765 pieces of Yaba, 205 grams, 52 Puria heroin, 30 kg, 984 grams cannabis, 22 bottles of phensedyl, and 30 ml of narcotic injection were seized from them.

This information was given by the Department of Media and Public Relations on Monday, January 3.

According to the DMP, the anti-drug drive was conducted from Sunday, January 2 morning till this morning. During the operation, 51 people were arrested for drug use and sale.

In addition, a large number of drugs were seized during the operation.

It was also informed that 38 cases have been filed against the arrested persons under the Narcotics Control Act in the concerned police station.

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