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Dwayne Johnson announced the trailer release date of 'Black Adam'

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Dwayne Johnson, the actor behind Black Adam's main character, has taken to Instagram where he revealed the release date of a new trailer for his upcoming DC Comics film.

Alongside a new picture of himself in costume on the steps of the character's throne, the actor teased the moment in the project where Black Adam "has EARNED his right to take his sacred place on high," and also dropped the reveal that the next trailer for his movie would release on Wednesday, June 8:

Dwayne posted on his official Instagram account that he said, "For the millions of you who know the Black Adam mythology - you understand the meaning and power of this throne. I made a promise to myself that I would not sit on the throne until we shot the actual scene where Black Adam has EARNED his right to take his sacred place on high. So I always just sat on the steps and did my homework... we finally filmed “the iconic moment” and what a moment it was... world Premiere of the BLACK ADAM trailer... JUNE 8TH..."


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