Printed on Mon Sep 26 2022 8:02:37 PM

Russia declared independence in two parts of eastern Ukraine

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eastern Ukraine
Russian President Vladimir Putin has recognized the independence of two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine.

He made the announcement in a televised speech to the nation on Monday night.

The Russian leader signed a decree recognizing the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" (DPR) and the "Luhansk People's Republic" (LPR) as independent.

It laid out plans for "aid agreements" between Russia and the two separatist territories.

The move has escalated fears among Western nations about a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Hours after the announcement, Putin instructed the Defense Ministry to send troops into the territories for what the Kremlin called "the function of peacekeeping."

In a long, fiery address, Putin said he was confident the Russian people would support his decision. He also described Ukraine as inextricably linked to Russia's history.

Monday's developments came amid an uptick of violence in the long-running conflict between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russian rebels.
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