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'Education activities will start anew'

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Education activities
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed to sort out the outline of domestic education in line with science and technology and the modern world.

She gave the instructions while reviewing the presentation of the draft National Curriculum Outline at Ganobhaban on Monday, September 13.

The Prime Minister said, "The education system needs to be further modernized to keep pace with science and technology and the world situation. Timeliness of educational activities is absolutely essential. We will do it on the basis of the policy that we have. But we must always keep pace with everyone and keep pace with the world situation. As the world moves forward in the field of science and technology, we cannot be left behind."

Highlighting the importance of science education, the Prime Minister said, "Another thing I noticed is the reluctance of the children of our country towards science. They did not want to take science education. We focus on science education. We have made 12 science and technology universities in the country."

During the meeting, the Prime Minister spoke about the ongoing activities of her government to build a digital Bangladesh.

Regarding the reopening of educational institutions on Sunday, September 12 after a long time, Sheikh Hasina said, "Alhamdulillah, we have reopened schools and colleges since yesterday. Gradually everything will open up. Education activities will start anew."

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