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Effects of smartphone use on spine, learn two exercises

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Effects of smartphone use

Currently, the use of smartphones has increased at a significant rate. Talking, listening to music, taking pictures, looking at mail - everything is going to be done with the smartphone. As a result, dependence on mobile phones is increasing, with increasing health problems such as neck pain and eye pain.

As a result of being stuck on the mobile phone all the time, there is pressure on the neck. As a result, many are feeling a sharp pain in their neck and back. This daily pain is associated with disc bulge spondylitis.

In addition to this, neck, shoulder, and upper back pain also occurs. Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho outlines 2 simple exercises to get rid of this pain and strengthen the neck and neck muscles.

Luke showed two common exercises that can be used to strengthen the neck. However, people with severe spondylitis should not do this exercise without consulting a doctor, he said.

The first exercise:

1. Place the left hand on the right shoulder
2. Now turn your head towards the right shoulder and stay like this for a while.
3. Then turn the ear towards the right shoulder. Make sure that the right shoulder is not up at this time.
4. Do the same on the other side. Place the right hand on the left shoulder and rotate the ear towards the left shoulder.
5. Then return to normal.
6. However, do not try to force your neck or do this exercise too many times. Because it can increase the pain.

Do this exercise once or twice a day.

The second exercise:

1. Gently hold the back of the neck with both hands.
2. Lift the chin slightly and bring your elbows back. During this time you will feel stretch on your biceps, shoulders, upper back, and chest.
3. Stay this way for 10 seconds. Then return to normal. But do not force it, you can get pain. You can do this exercise twice a day.

While it is not possible to completely give up the habit of staring at the phone, these two simple exercises can reduce pain.

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