Printed on Thu Jun 30 2022 4:40:59 PM

Eid gift of Salim Khan to helpless film workers

Staff Correspondent
Eid gift of Salim Khan
Salim Khan, the head of Shapla Media, a popular production company of Dhallywood cinema, has stood by the helpless film workers. He has announced Eid gifts of TK. 10 lakh to film workers and artists who are not working considering the corona situation in the country.

Salim Khan told, "This is my Eid gift to helpless film workers. Look, for a long time, there were many artists and directors do not working for Corona situation."

Production head of Shapla Media Apurba Roy told, "In the meantime, an Eid gift of Tk. 5 lakh has been given to the Bangladesh Film Artists Association. Five lakh taka will be given as a gift to the board of directors soon."

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