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If someone is electrocuted, do it immediately

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Deaths due to electrocution are always happening in Bangladesh. Mismanagement in the power supply is one of the major causes of such accidents. But when someone is electrocuted, those around them often don't know what to do immediately. After being electrocuted, there are many incidents of being attacked and trying to save himself.

But many deaths can be prevented if some simple things are known.

AKM Shakil Newaz, a fire and disaster expert and former director of the Bangladesh Fire Service, advised, at first to turn off the power connection in the event of an electrical accident. He said, ‘The affected person will be disconnected from the power connection. But if it is not possible to close the connection, the person who is electrocuted cannot be touched with his bare hands.

He added, "There are two types of electricity, AC current and DC current. The AC current pulls the person and the DC current pushes the person away. AC current is more dangerous than the DC current."

Shakil Newaz said that the severity of the physical problem of the affected person depends on the level of voltage of the electricity, how long he was in contact with the electricity, whether he has heart or any other physical problem - all these things.

Experts say that after wearing shoes or sandals on the feet, with a piece of dry wood, bamboo, or something made of rubber, the electrified person should be separated from the electrical source while maintaining distance. However, in doing so, the affected person cannot be hit hard.

In no way can anything metallic and wet be used. If none of this is possible, the power office should be notified to disconnect. If it happens in a wet place, it is better to move away to save yourself.

Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr. Raghib Manzoor said, ‘There are two biggest physical problems when exposed to electricity. One is burning and the other is putting pressure on the heart. He says that in many cases, a person who is electrocuted can die due to 'cardiac arrest'.

He added, "In addition, when electricity is put on the nerves, the affected person may lose consciousness. The part of the body that has been electrocuted or the whole body may become numb, tingling, shortness of breath, headache."

Dr. Raghib Manzoor said it is important to keep a cool head if your loved one is electrocuted. He reported some simple first aid. But he insists that If the body of the affected person is burnt if there is a heart problem if the condition is serious, he should be taken to the hospital immediately.

Until he is taken to the hospital, he has to lie on one side of the ground without a pillow. The clothes of the body should be loosened.

Massage can be done to increase blood circulation in the body of the person exposed to electricity. You have to check if the tongue is upside down, if it is upside down, you have to straighten it with your finger. If something is stuck in the nose and mouth, it should be cleaned.

If he has shortness of breath, he has to give CPR, which many people in Bangladesh cannot do. Holding the chin and jaw of the affected person, the mouth is slightly yawned, then you have to put your mouth there and blow loudly. The position of the heart should be pressed very hard with both hands. The most important thing is to be taken to the hospital.

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