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England-New Zealand-Australia is coming to Bangladesh

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England-New Zealand-Australia
Before the T20 World Cup, Bangladesh will host three superpowers outside Asia. The format of the match or the format of the series with the rest of the teams except Australia has not been finalized yet.

However, a tri-nation series may be organized with Australia and Bangladesh with England or New Zealand.

The matches that were suspended due to Corona will be held on the field according to the empty schedule.Australia's Bangladesh tour is already almost finalized. However, the BCB chief executive is reluctant to clear the matter now.

"We are thinking of a number of options," he said. We are trying to organize these before the next T20 World Cup, which is also in the FTP. Several countries are planning to visit Bangladesh.The two boards have agreed in principle to visit Bangladesh before the World Cup.

It is yet to be decided which team between England and New Zealand will be the partner of Bangladesh and Australia in the tri-nation series. However, all three teams will tour Bangladesh before the World Cup, confirmed Nizamuddin Chowdhury.

"Negotiations are going on, no decision has been made yet. Before the World Cup, England, Australia and New Zealand will tour Bangladesh. So far no trilateral series has been decided," he said.

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