Printed on Mon Aug 15 2022 3:36:23 AM

UK's PM is expected to make ‘full-throated apology’ to MPs over partygate fine

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expected partygate fine

Boris Johnson is expected to apologize to MPs in the wake of being fined for defying lockdown norms - as he contends there are more significant issues to zero in on. The Prime Minister is set to make his first statement to Parliament since being fined by police for a June 2020 break.

Opposition parties are expected to try and censure the prime minister in the coming days amid claims he lied to MPs. But Grant Shapps said the PM did not "knowingly" mislead Parliament.

"When the PM spoke in Parliament he didn't knowingly appreciate that stepping into the room there was going to be something which breached the rules," Mr. Shapps said.

"It was wrong, he's apologized, he's accepted the fixed penalty notice and we move on."

A No 10 source added that Mr. Johnson spoke "in good faith" when he told MPs late last year no rules were broken - and blamed former aides for giving the PM wrong information.

After becoming the first serving UK Prime Minister to be sanctioned for breaking the law, Mr. Johnson is expected to argue more pressing matters - such as the war in Ukraine - must now take priority.


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