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Explosion in commercial building in Canada, killed 6

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Explosion in Canada
A bomb blast near a commercial building in Ottawa, Canada has killed at least six people and injured dozens more, police said. Authorities are searching for missing workers.

Three people were taken to hospital after an explosion Thursday afternoon in the Canadian capital, Napier, and authorities were searching for five others, Ottawa police said.

Police said they did not expect to find any survivors in the search for the missing four men and a woman.

One of the injured died at the hospital while another was in critical condition, police said, adding that a third had been released.

According to CBC News, Eastway Tank Pump & Meter Limited is a manufacturer of custom tank trucks.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased.

“No word can remove the stress and devastation as these people are waiting for news about their relatives and friends,” Mr. Watson wrote on Twitter.

The city’s police and fire department, along with the labor ministry, are investigating the incident, according to a statement.
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