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Follow these to relieve eye fatigue

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eye fatigue
Everyone has increased working time by looking at the screen. Everything is going online now because of the pandemic Corona. There are many types of events online starting from children's classes. In this situation, there is extra pressure on the eyes. The eyes are getting tired from this.

If you look at the computer with attention for a long time, your eyelids do not fall. It is more fatigue. This causes discomfort in the eyeball. Many times the eyes are dry. Then the eyes need rest.

This problem is not easy to understand at all. Because of this, its symptoms are similar to other problems. However, headaches, eye pain, watery eyes, redness of the eyes are some of the symptoms of this problem. Some people see blurring when the discomfort increases. It hurts when light falls on someone's eyes.

You can follow these to relieve eye fatigue:

Keep your eyes off the screen for a while. Occasionally you can wash your eye with fresh water. Keep your eyes closed for a few minutes in between work. Write in capital letters on the computer while working. Increase font size.

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