Printed on Sun Aug 07 2022 7:17:34 PM

Russia bans Facebook and Instagram

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Facebook and Instagram
Instagram and Facebook have been banned in Russia after their parent company Meta was declared an "extremist organization" by a Moscow court.

WhatsApp, the most commonly-used messaging service in Russia, escaped court action after the country's Prosecutor General decided it did not serve as a platform for spreading information publicly.

Russian authorities began to move against the US social media giant earlier this month, following a Meta decision to permit posts calling for violence against Russian leaders and military personnel in some countries, and only in the context of the war in Ukraine.

The company rowed back on the decision last week, with Meta global affairs president Nick Clegg clarifying that it was "now narrowing the focus to make it explicitly clear in the guidance that it is never to be interpreted as condoning violence against Russians in general," in a message posted to an internal platform.

"The court has ruled to grant the Russian Prosecutor General's Office's lawsuit," Judge Olga Solopova of Moscow's Tverskoi district court said in her decision on Monday. The court's ruling banning Instagram and Facebook is effective immediately.
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