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'Salam Salam Hajar Salam' lyricist Fazal-e-Khuda died

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Khoda, the lyricist of the hugely popular song 'Salam Salam Hazar Salam', died of corona disease. He died at Suhrawardy Hospital in the capital around 4am on Sunday.

Earlier, he was admitted to the hospital on Thursday morning after his condition deteriorated. He died after three days of treatment. The lyricist Kabir Bakul has confirmed the matter.

Wasif-e-Khoda, the lyricist's son and assistant editor of the daily Ittefaq, said his mother and wife were also infected. His mother Corona is being treated at the same hospital.

The song 'Salam Salam Hazar Salam' written by Fazal-e-Khoda is ranked 12th among the top 20 songs of all time in the list of the best Bangla songs of all time according to the BBC survey.

Notable among the songs written by Fazal-e-Khoda are- 'In the land where water lilies float in the water of Shaluk lake', 'How much is the value of love, I don't know anything', 'No beauty goes on the pitcher shoulder', 'I wake up at night like a lamp', 'Life is a name of love', 'Wife wakes up when a bird calls,' Khokon Mani is not angry '.

He was listed as a lyricist on the radio in 1963. In 1964, he was listed as a lyricist on television. Fazal-e-Khoda started writing as a rhymer. He has been praised for writing patriotic, modern, folk and Islamic songs. The former regional director of Dhaka Betar was also the founding director of Shapla Shaluk, a children's organization.

He was born on 09 March 1941 in Banagram of Bera police station in Pabna.

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