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Ferry services on Paturia-Daulatdia route resumed

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Ferry services
Ferry services on the Paturia-Daulatdia route have resumed after being closed for six hours due to heavy fog. It is known that the ferry service resumed at 6:30 am on Wednesday, January 27. However, there are thousands of small and big vehicles waiting for crossing.

Earlier, BIWTC's Paturia Ghat Manager Mohiuddin Russell confirmed that the ferry service on the country's most important route was suspended due to heavy fog from 12:30 pm.

He said ferry services have been suspended almost every night for the past few days due to heavy fog. Tuesday was no exception. Fog has been falling in the river since evening. As the intensity increased around 12:30 pm, the beacon lights and marking points of the naval channel could not be seen.

As a result, the ferry service was stopped to avoid accidents. The ferry service resumed when the fog cleared around 6:30 am on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, thousands of vehicles, including night coaches, were stranded at both ends of Paturia-Daulatdia as ferry traffic was disrupted. Passengers and transport workers of these stranded vehicles are suffering in extreme cold and fog in the ghat area.

Mohiuddin Russell said 3 small and big ferries with 38 vehicles got stuck in the middle river. Passenger vehicles are being crossed on priority basis after the commencement of movement.

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