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FIFA warned Qatar Hotels over 'LGBTQ+' Discrimination

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The World Cup is set to begin in November in Qatar, the Middle East. Millions of visitors from different countries are expected to attend the event.

FIFA, the governing body of football, has released a list of 69 hotels in Qatar to accommodate visitors. Although everyone is allowed to go there to enjoy the playground, the three hotels have objections to providing accommodation for gay couples. Under Qatari law, homosexuality is a crime in the country.

However, on Saturday, May 14, FIFA warned that Qatar would withdraw contracts with hotels or other service providers that discriminated against members of the gay community during the 2022 World Cup.

A recent study conducted by several media outlets in Norway, Sweden and Denmark found that three hotels on FIFA's published list would not accommodate LGBTQ people.

In addition to those three hotels, 22 hotel authorities have said they will provide conditional accommodation to gay visitors. The condition is that gay guests who want to stay in the hotel will not be able to express their behavior in public. And 33 hotels said they had no objection to accommodating gay visitors.

According to the Supreme Committee on World Cup Delivery and Legacy, Qatar is a conservative country. However, they are committed to hosting an inclusive World Cup with the participation of all.

A spokesman for the Supreme Committee said about 100 hotels in Qatar would host accommodation for players, spectators and people associated with the World Cup. These hotels must comply with the Sustainable Sourcing Code.

He added that the committee would consider any exception to this code very seriously.

The spokesman for the committee, however, called for more information. "We want more information to come out about this allegation that homosexuals are not being accommodated," he said. "We want to make sure that those involved in the World Cup are not discriminated against," he said.


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