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FIFA World Cup in every two years !

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FIFA World Cup
FIFA plans to host World Cup in every two years instead of four. The proposal was made by the Saudi Arabian Football Federation at FIFA's annual meeting last Friday. FIFA President Gianni Infantino applauded the proposal.

"We believe football is going to face more difficult times in the future," said Yasser Al Misehal, president of Saudi Arabian football. Football has faced many issues which have been intensfied due to the ongoing epidemic.

He added, "We think it's time to reconsider the structure of this global game and consider what might be the best decision for it in the future. In the current four-year cycle, we have to think about whether the two football competitions are the best in terms of management and business."

There has been a great response to Yasser's proposal. Of the 188 countries present, 166 voted in favor. Only 22 votes went against.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Infantino said FIFA would review the matter. That is why the current international match calendar may also change.

"It simply came to our notice. What matters is the outcome of the review. In this review we have to go with an open mindset. We know the status of the World Cup. Believe me, we also have a clear idea of ​​how the World Cup could affect us."

The two-year World Cup will open the door to extra income in front of FIFA. But for the FIFA president, the main issues are the game.

"We will discuss it, we will analyze it, but in all discussions we will keep the game at the forefront, not the trade," he said.

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