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PBI gave the final report in Babul's case

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final report in Babul's case
The Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has given the final report of the case filed by him (Babul) in the murder case of Mahmuda Khanam Mitu, wife of former Superintendent of Police Babul Akter. It was submitted to the Chattogram court around one o'clock on Wednesday, May 12.

Confirming the matter, Assistant Commissioner (Prosecution) of the city police Kazi Shahabuddin Ahmed told that the PBI has given a final report in the murder case. It is up for hearing in court.

Investigating officer of the case PBI Chattogram Inspector Santosh Kumar Chakma said that the final report of the case has been given as Babul Akter was involved in the murder of his wife. Because, Babul is the plaintiff in the case.

Meanwhile, a murder case is being filed against Babul at Panchlaish police station.
Mitu, wife of Superintendent of Police Babul Akter, was killed near her home in Chittagong five years ago. The PBI has taken Babul Akhter into custody for questioning in that case.

Sources said that Babul Akhter has been in the custody of PBI in Chittagong since Monday. However, the PBI did not acknowledge the arrest or detention of Babul Akhtar. They say Babul has been summoned to Chittagong for questioning.

The plaintiff in the case of Mahmuda's murder is her husband Babul Akhter. But later suspicions were raised about Babul Akhtar. However, the investigation has not progressed. At one point, Babul was fired.

Police-related sources say that if the plaintiff himself is involved in the murder, then the police will file a case again with the final report in the previous case. Because, the plaintiff is the first and main informant of the crime. Evidence was collected on the basis of his allegations. The court summons him as the first witness. His testimony is the basis of the case. From there, if the plaintiff becomes an accused, there is a problem as to from whom the court will hear the details of the crime. New plaintiffs have to be determined for procedural reasons.

This process will also be followed in the Mahmuda murder case. In this case, it is known that Mahmudar's father is going to be the plaintiff in the case.

Mahmuda Khanam alias Mitu was hacked and shot dead on the morning of June 5, 2016 at the GEC intersection in Chittagong city while she was going to pick up her son from the school bus.

Babul Akhter filed a case with the Panchlaish police station. In it, he said his wife may have been the target of an attack for his anti-militant activities. However, in a couple of weeks, the investigation into Mahmuda's murder took a new turn. Mahmudar's parents have been blaming Babul Akhtar for the killings.

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