Printed on Wed Aug 17 2022 4:17:08 PM

Fire at Bosila shoe factory doused

Staff Correspondent

A fire broke out in the capital's Basila last night. The blaze broke out Monday at a shoe factory in the Basila City Development Housing residential area. The locals are really surprised about how the shoe factory was set up in the residential area of ​​Basila.

Although now the fire is under control. However, there is a pungent odor of burnt all over the area.

According to the fire service's control room, a fire broke out at the shoe factory on Road No. 10 in the residential area of ​​Basila City Development Housing around 10:30 pm on Monday. Later, around 11:45 pm, two units of the fire service brought the fire under control.

Initially, the fire service could not immediately comment on how the fire broke out.

Fire service duty officer Farhad said that after receiving the news of the fire, two units of the fire service went to the spot and started putting out the fire. Later, the fire came under control at around 11.45 pm.

Meanwhile, locals have raised questions about the existence of shoe factories in residential areas. They said that while the leather goods were burning, the stench spread throughout the area. In addition, black coils of smoke were seen during the fire service's activities in extinguishing the fire.
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