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Fire is burning in southern part of Turkey, killed 6

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Fire is burning Turkey
Fires have spread further in southern Turkey. Many people have lost everything and become destitute. At least six people have been killed so far in the deadliest fire in years, Turkish media reported.

Mehmet Demir's family had to leave their four-decade-old home due to the fire. When he returned on Saturday, he found only a burnt-out building, inside which everything had been reduced to ashes. Only the bed spring, a ladder, an iron chair and some kitchen utensils could be identified.

The blaze started last Wednesday in the Manbagat district of Anathelia province, where Demir's home is located.

Officials say fires have been raging in southern and western Turkey since then. Rising temperatures and strong winds spread the fire around.

Thousands of residents have been evacuated from homes in the area affected by the fire. Two fire service personnel died while trying to control the fire here.

Satellite imagery shows that smoke from wildfires in the provinces of Anthalia and Mycenae spread to the island of Cyprus, about 150 km away.

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