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Fishing is banned in 5 sanctuaries throughout March-April

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Fishing banned
All kinds of fishing including Hilsa are prohibited in 5 sanctuaries of 6 districts for two months from 1st March to 30th April for conservation of jatka in the development of Hilsa resources of the country.

Under this ban, all kinds of fishing including Hilsa will be stopped in the rivers of Barisal, Chandpur, Laxmipur, Bhola, Shariatpur, and Patuakhali districts.

This information was given in a press release sent from the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock on Monday, February 28.

There are 5 sanctuaries- 1) 100 km area of ​​the lower basin of Meghna river from Shatnal of Chandpur to Char Alexander of Laxmipur district.2) 90 km area of Shahbazpur tributary of Meghna river from Madanpur / Char Ilisha of Bhola to Char Pial.3) From Veduria in Bhola to Char Rustam in Patuakhali district about 100 km of Tetulia river. 4) Area of ​​Padma river located between Naria and Vederganj Upazilas of Shariatpur district and Matlab Upazila of Chandpur district and 5) Area of ​​Kalabadar, Gazaria and Meghna river of Hizla, Medeniganj and Barisal Sadar Upazilas of Barisal district about 82 km area.

The circular signed by Public Relations Officer Iftekhar Hossain said that with the powers given in sub-section 5 of section 3 of the Fisheries Protection and Conservation Act, all kinds of fishing is prohibited including mother Hilsa (25 cm / 10-inch) in size in these 5 sanctuaries every year from March to April.

At that time fishing in the sanctuary is a criminal offense.

It further said that violators will be punished with a minimum of 1 to 2 years rigorous imprisonment or a fine of up to five thousand taka or both.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock has already allotted 80 kg of VGF rice to the registered fishermen who are refraining from fishing in the sanctuary district at this time.

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