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8 killed as flash floods devastate Iraq

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flash floods
At least eight people have been killed in flash floods in the northern Iraqi province of the Kurdistan region. Many more were injured in the sudden flood.

A large number of people are also missing.

Qatar-based Al Jazeera reported that women and children were among the dead. The administration fears that this number may increase further.

Kurdish Governor Omed Khoshnaw said in a statement on Friday that Erbil had been involved in the disaster.

Khoshnaw said most of Erbil's residential area had already been submerged by torrential rains since Thursday evening. In a statement, Governor Omed further said that there was a huge loss of life and property.

The Kurdish regional newspaper Rudaw quoted the governor as saying in a report on Friday that seven of the dead had died due to flash floods caused by rain. Another was killed by lightning.

Meanwhile, a large number of people were injured in the floods. Some are still missing. The extent of the material and financial damage has not yet been calculated.

Sarkawat Karach, a spokesman for the Kurdish Civil Defense Department, told that Erbil had been forced to flee large numbers of homes to escape the sudden natural disaster.

Rescuers are assisting them. Several are now missing. Activities have been started to find them.

"Our fear is that the death toll could rise further," he said.

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