Printed on Mon Aug 15 2022 3:07:53 AM

Flood situation in Europe: Death toll rises to 106 in Germany

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Flood situation in Europe
The death toll from the catastrophic floods in Germany has risen to 106. The floods in Europe have killed 125 people.

About 1300 people are still missing. Of these, 63 people died in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Twelve areas, including North Rhine-Westphalia are still cut off as major roads and bridges are destroyed by floodwaters and landslides. The waters of the Rhine, Danube and Meuse rivers are still flowing over the danger zone. As a result, rescue work is not possible even with the boat. In this situation, rescue work is being carried out only by helicopter.

German meteorologists have called the disaster the worst in 500 years.

Meanwhile, the death toll has risen in Belgium and the Netherlands. Meanwhile, a warning was issued after floodwaters inundated the Juliana Canal near the town of Maastricht in the Netherlands. Residents of the entire city have been asked to evacuate.

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